As a volunteer organization, there are always projects going on to improve and maintain our camp.  The list always seems longer than we have time and volunteers for.  Please look over the list and contact the Ranger if you are able to assist.

Thank you.

Camp Project Considerations –       

  • Locate – install Ranger replacement trailer
  • Finish road gate installation
  • Replace Pump house # 2 floor – pressure treated wood, appropriate venting
  • Replace bad panels in Founder’s Cabin end wall  –  2 sheets pressure treated ? T 111
  • Replace old barn with smaller building – will need sufficient room  [approximately 10’ X 16”] for current electric  panel to include provision for future line[s] to be run to the top of the campfire ring and possibly to Deer Run Lodge; room for  summer storage of Founder’s Cabin bunks and some smaller summer maintenance tools
  • Road re binding – as necessary annually
  • Additional road improvements, additional stone and binding,  we welcome any leads on donations of millings and or hauling of same
  • Install JC Shelter floor – independent central  4” pad, approx. 6 to 12 “ outside posts
  • Design and install meter pit and  pump house pits power failure detection system
  • Install power line from bathrooms to Activity Shelter
  • Replace office – possibly utilize seasonal trailer after year round trailer is procured, will need to make HDC bathroom addition free standing