Chapter Five – The Early Millennium Years – New Buildings

            In August we learned that the Deed was in Pendleton awaiting the Check. At our August 12 meeting, it was noted that increased fees were coming. Our frequent summer experience of overgrown trails needed attention.

            In September we continued working on operational details with the Nine Mile Advisory Committee of Pendleton. A deed transfer celebration was set for 3:00 PM on Saturday, October 21. It was held in the camp amphitheater campfire ring. Refreshments provided by Nine Mile followed at the Founder’s Cabin.

            At the January 31, 2001 annual meeting all officers were reelected. Besides the loss of his mother, our Ranger has been dealing with waterline freeze up to the trailer. Bob has concerns with security light switches and timers. Invitational planning was a priority as the camp assumes full operational control of the event since Invitational Founding Troop 573 has merged into one of their Nine Mile co-founding Troops, 501.

            February and March brought the need for further clarification of precise camp boundaries and then what appropriate permits are needed for NYS canal docking et al. The Advisory Committee worked on refining an annual permit for the town and camp. Planning on publicity brochures, camp sign and buildings were ongoing throughout the year.

            The spring Invitational brought our first 250 plus attendance.

            The chowder for our old timers/longtimers reunion on July 28 was well received.

            After layout, leveling and stoning the interior floor area, the nature Center concrete slab was poured on 9/11. Joe Kania and Bob Reynolds coordinated the rest of construction which continued throughout the fall with help from our regulars. John Leiker put the roof on. Bob did most of the finishing work.

            Due to a major ice storm, our annual meeting was moved from January to Saturday afternoon, February 3, 2002. Jeff Westcott replaced Brian McGovern as Secretary. Other officers remained in place. Brian’s secondary business with his son precluded his ability to remain active. Marty Korcuc, Joe Kania’s replacement as Pendleton liaison to Nine Mile was present. He suggested that the Pendleton conservation Board would be interested in projects with 9 Mile and the scouts. Ranger Bob noted the need for some new T111 and paint for the voting booth. Crew 99 continues to be active. A camp brochure similar the one developed for the town is being assembled.

             Bill Stockwell and the McClures are continuing to assist with our April Invitational program. This years participation by 15 units and 321 youth and leaders established a new peak attendance.

            The plan for a new waterline is dropped as too expensive at $47,000.

            In June the camp gets its first annually renewable permit from Pendleton. Pendleton considered enhancement of the nature trail.

            Regretably our summer reunion set for July 27 was cancelled due to conflicts and lack of enough response.

            Happyland started using the new Nature Center. Through the year Marty K. worked with Doug, John and Bob on the construction of our new bathroom with flush toilets. A sand filter septic system was planned and installed for the bathrooms. The area was fenced off during part of the summer to prevent Happyland camper access and possible injury

            In August and September work on the building itself progressed. After the foundation was poured there was a large manpower turnout for Crew 99, Tr 47, Tr 501, Tr 101 and Tr 664 to build and raise the walls and raise the roof trusses. Several adults sheeted and then papered the roof the next day. Marty and Bob coordinated the outside finishing work that followed.

            At the February 2003 annual meeting, all officers and directors were reelected. Although Joe Frawley was the new Pendleton liaison we continued to work through Marty. The town awaits funding to complete the insides of the bathrooms. Marty helped us get stone at town pricing. Due to aging mowing equipment, it was agreed to purchase a new machine. A cabin Deposit policy was adopted. It was decided to put a dumpster in camp and charge Happyland accordingly for their use. Jeff brought new color camp brochures for use. Lean-to maximum square footage remained at 400 square feet.

            Tr 63 and St Stephens completed their new shelter at the Archery Range.

            At our September meeting a shelter was proposed by Tr 63 and St Stephens Church. Approved with proper permits. Pendleton seeking advance rent and or a grant of up to $2000 to finish the bathroom interiors.

            Early in the fall Pendleton installed their sign near the camp entrance. On October 11, a base camp cleanup addressed safety and cleanliness concerns of some.

            After the January 17, 2004 annual meeting reelection railroad, shared expense fees were modestly increased. Happyland sought permission to install a small basketball court. Pendleton expects to finish the toilets by April 1. The large tree immediately behind the Founder’s cabin will be removed to facilitate any future developments there. Jeff Westcott is developing 2 web sites, one for the general public and one for Pendleton.

            In August we still needed to address the Craftsman tractor engine failure. Some in Pendleton have concerns regarding Nine Mile as an expense.

            The January 27, 2005 annual meeting reelection of all added Paul Glassman as Assistant Secretary “as long as he is able.” Jeff moved to CA in [month] and Paul is listed as Secretary on the June 4, 2005 roster.

            In the fall Bob noted that jacking to repair the voting booth building revealed excessive structural rot underneath. He recommended a teardown and rebuild. The smaller addition room was still OK.

            2006 was another building year. At the February 1 annual meeting, Ed Harman was introduced as our new Pendleton liaison. The incumbent camp leadership was reelected. A State sales tax exempt number was finally procured. Research indicates no change in propane suppliers at this time. Only our craftsman tractor is reliable. March 11 is our target date to tear down the voting booth and rebuild a solid structure. Mid May is the target for walls and roof. A discussion over new bathroom abuse at the Invitational weekend may lead to either their closing or restriction to adult only use. Pendleton still intends to tear down the old Daigler barn. Camp assistance may be requested.

            March 11 the voting booth came down. Crew 99 and 5 troops assisted with 38 volunteers. It went well. Several also assisted when the walls went up a few weeks later.

            After the Invitational weekend, John Kudla, through his brother contacted NYS about a grant for a new diesel tractor.

            After finally getting a building permit in late April, Bob coordinated digging for the new building pillars with an assist from Happyland. Bob poured the posts starting on May 5. When they cured, he engineered the floor supports over a plastic and stone vapor barrier. By May 20 Bob, Paul G and Doug completed the roof. Marc Rosenthal had lent an interested hand the previous day.

            In September we received notice of a $2,500.00 NYS grant towards a new diesel tractor. John Kudla coordinated this grant. He also followed up to secure the balance of funds needed for next year.

            At the January 29, 2007 annual meeting the severe October storm damage was noted. A new barn roof is pending and a propane wall heater for the new Craft Lodge is coming. Covered small equipment storage is needed. We are also considering an airtight stove alcove on the back wall of the founder’s cabin. The far corner wall of the Remington barn needs jacking for now. Second Saturdays maintenance still needs help.

            The Invitational theme will be about the biggest Lean-to taking advantage of all the raw material presently on hand from last October.

            Registration cards, including an email space will be available on the website.

            In April we learned that the balance of the funding was in place for our new diesel tractor. John Kudla helped Doug proceed with the necessary paperwork for the State.                                                                              By July we finally had the Craftsman running well. We still had some storm remnants to clear on the Towpath Trail near the Southerly tip if the Island and we still need to address Ranger Sprawl tentatively behind the ranger’s small brown barn.

            In November we were finishing up our new diesel tractor grant. As an Eagle project a new compass and GPS course was being installed. Our Flora and Fauna lists are being enhanced for better future use. Barrier tree planting is being planned as part of the spring Invitational.

            The 2008 annual meetingon January 14 addressed old equipment disposal. After  Happylands contact did not work out, Paul Glassman and his son took care of our major eyesores in the spring.

            We await the results of the planting of 100 barrier spruce trees in May by our second Saturday regulars with an assist by Rev Dave Donner who got and helped us plant them. Poison ivy was one result. Another turned out to be that virtually none of this batch of trees survived.

            In the fall Bob and Doug reroofed the front half of the Founder’s Cabin. Bob did much of the stripping alone. Rich Joseph helped Bob and Doug with the felt paper. Bob also installed some end vents and a ridge vent on the cabin. Paul Glassman helped Bob install screen soffet across the front of the cabin.

            Early in the morning of the day before Thanksgiving, fire destroyed the Ranger’s trailer.  Bob was fortunate to escape with only a few burns. A couple of them were quite severe but luckily not real big. He managed to dial 911 before the camp land line went down. He also moved his van to allow firefighter access. He lost virtually everything he had in the trailer. He stayed with his older daughter, Valerie while recuperating.

            We  had an emergency meeting at 9:30 Friday morning. We discussed many options on several topics. Soon Bob wanted to be back on the job. He installed a new hot water heater in the new bathroom. It had drained dry and burned up when the camp utilities were shut down during the fire. Cleanup also started as weather and manpower permitted.  The new diesel tractor took many full buckets to the dumpster filling it more than once.

             Bob adapted the Craft Lodge as his sleeping quarters. He used the Founder’s cabin kitchen except when we had a group using the cabin. Several offered and brought furniture. Also much was brought in the way of clothing.

            In November a Pendleton resident offered a replacement trailer. Unfortunately due to its age and condition, haulers would not move it to camp.

            There were no major changes at the annual meeting on January 19, 2009. Ed Harman was no longer our Pendleton liaison. He, Jim Gates and Dave Greinert were added as members at large. A trailer update and concerns were discussed.  Invitational planning was started. Replanting of trees [avoiding poison ivy] was included.

            By March we were pursuing some surplus GM trailers from Lockport and looking at a real building. The GM trailers did not pan out. 

            The trailer debris except for some materials was vitually all cleared up before the Invitational weekend. The 2009 Invitational Show and Do planted 250 trees which did much better than those the year before.                         

            We looked further at a building. Costs seemed high compared to a trailer. We got some plans, reviewed them and wanted to modify them to cut costs.

We looked further at a building. Costs seemed high compared to a trailer. We got some plans, reviewed them and wanted to modify them to cut costs. We could not catch the original architect we sought. He was out of town most of the time.

            Fall brought us two grants towards our funding for security building replacement.

With several individual donations we have a start to a building fund to address both the trailer/security building and an adequately large storage/workshop building.

            The 2010 annual meeting saw our MAL’s, Directors and officers reelected. It was agreed to combine our major building fund campaign with our 50th Anniversary observances. Still hoping to start construction on the living quarters for our Ranger by March, we need an architect to approve Bob’s modified plans.

            Bob’s plans proved unacceptable to an architect who had agreed to possibly assist our effort. Professional liability is his concern. Costs are keeping us from going his way. We will again be looking for a movable, up to code trailer.

            The office floor was repaired to make it safe for a while. Its total sub structure integrity is doubtful for more than a few more years.

            We have viewed and moved to camp [during the Invitational] a donated RV trailer. It is much smaller than what Bob had. It can serve as a temporary summer or three season quarters for a while.

            The camp drainage problems have been assessed. Rough remedial plans have been started. A possible contractor has looked at our situation.

            The big tree behind the Ranger’s small brown barn was downed this summer and being cut up.

            Some of this may be reworked. Please give the author your email or land address/phone # if you would like updates or the finished product. Addendums to any portion of the above are welcome. We will work to enhance or correct any detected omissions or fallacies.