Basecamp Barn Improvements

Our Basecamp barn continues its restoration under the efforts of Mike Frappier. He replaced the rotting window sill, scraped the pictured side,and applied about half of the new stain. Below are Mike’s before and after photos.

Volunteer work 5/13/2019

We saw progress on a few fronts. Paul Glassman installed some needed parts on our Cub diesel tractor. He and Bob are testing and may possibly need to replace the batteries on our 2 smaller rider mowers.   Brian Moeller worked on clearing the Nature Trail from where Tr 6 left off previously, on out almost to the point. The last few hundred feet were still under water.    Next section to work on will be the Towpath trail from the entrance road out to the point.   Mike Frappier donated 2 almost new, gas operated weed whackers to the camp yesterday. They will be available for adult use around council ring seats, buildings, trees and on trails. Contact Bob for access.   All of our recent rain has made grass cutting a major priority. Hopefully we can work in some areas Wednesday afternoon and/or Thursday.    We could use some assistance on twig clearing in the base camp areas this third Thursday eveningMay 16. Twig clearing needs to be done before we can cut very much in those areas. Tarps or cardboard boxes can used to haul this material to the Meadow fire pit.   We appreciate any assistance and if possible, advance notice as to when you plan to be in camp. Thanks.Doug

Our primary camp work scheduled days for April 2019, weather permitting, are Saturday, April 12, 9 AM to noonish and Thursday evening 7 PM – about 9 or 6:30 PM – about 8:30. Perimeter trail clearing is our primary need. Please let Bob [689-0459 – or I know if you are planning to come. We would appreciate knowing approx. number coming, which date or an alternative date; whether work gloves, trimming tools or… are needed.  Also let us know if any coming may have special skills or equipment [ie roofing skills or…]. We will be starting near the front of the big green camp barn on the ring road. Thank you.    We will have our Camp priority projects listed in the pump house near the main cabin and shelter soon. The project  board has been installed where the big camp map used to hang. We will try to regularly update the list there, to soon have it on our web site and to send email reminders as appropriate. After the trails are opened and trimmed back, we will need help with staining several of our base camp buildings.

Bulldozer clearing and leveling the area for the barn
Clearing for the Barn

Update – July 5, 2012:  The drains were set, gravel placed around the perimeter and the main poles are in place and were being finished as the roof trusses were arriving on a flatbed.

Doug Eadie and Al Frappier
Ground breaking for Al’s Barn

July 1, 2012:  It was a warm day at 1:00PM, with a group of dedicated scouters and friends, Nine Mile Island held a ground breaking ceremony dedicating Al Frappier Barn (Al’s Barn). Al has dedicated a vast amount of time and support to Nine Mile Island, spending countless hours cutting grass, toting firewood, cleaning up after storms, plowing driveways, and any other tasks that needed taking care of. The old barn has been in need of replacement for… well let’s just say quite some time. Today marks the start of construction of a 30′ x 40′ pole barn that will have a concrete floor, a heated work area and plenty of space to house the camp’s maintenance “fleet”.  The bulldozer was there to start clearing the building site.  The new barn will be between the Ranger’s trailer and the Troop 184 site.  One very large popular tree stump had to be removed, thank goodness for the bulldozer.