As a volunteer organization, there are always projects going on to improve and maintain our camp.  The list always seems longer than we have time and volunteers for.  Please look over the list and contact the Ranger if you are able to assist. Many of these projects would be a valid option for a Scouts BSA Eagle project and all of the projects can be considered valid community service hours for any organization which requires such, including Scouts (Girl Scouts or BSA) or local schools.

Thank you.

Camp Project Considerations (In Order of Priority):       

# 1 – Nature Trail clearing – brush, limbs and twigs, several sections need work
# 2 – Towpath Trail clearing – brush, limbs and twigs
# 3 – Campsite ring road – remove twigs, clear back brush and limbs
# 4 – Seasonal mowing – as needed –
# 5 – Roofing shingle replacement – primary shelter and Arts and Crafts Bldg.
# 6 – Building staining – Arts and Crafts; Office; Nature Center; Base camp barn [with preliminary scraping]; and parts of Founder’s Lodge